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New lithium data across national catchments

Lithium explorers have a whole new national dataset to work with. GA released on 13 February acid digest results for Li, Be, Cs and Rb for the 1,315 top outlet samples in the National Geochemical Survey of Australia. NGSA previously excluded Li because a lithium-borate flux was part of the

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Paleovalley maps in western Gawler

Paleovalleys anywhere near the uranium-rich Gawler Craton are hot property at the moment, so there will be interest in a Geological Survey of South Australia report released in December. GSSA has used its very high quality new datasets acquired for the Gawler Challenge Phase 2 project to remap vast paleovalley

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Pedirka gravity and reprocessed seismic

NTGS has released a major ground gravity dataset in the Pedirka Basin in the southeast of the Northern Territory. Gravity data was collected from 11,000 stations at 2km and 4 km spacings over 61,000 The Pedirka Basin is traditionally a petroleum hunting ground but the new gravity (preliminary) dataset

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