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Precompetitive Review is a unique and dedicated source of news and insights on Australian precompetitive geoscience for mineral exploration.

Australian government agencies at state and federal levels invest tens of millions of dollars every year on precompetitive data and research. Their efforts generate remarkable ‘intel’ for mineral explorers seeking new projects and competitive advantage.

Precompetitive Review keeps on top of the news from Geoscience Australia, state and territory Geological Surveys, MinEX CRC, CSIRO and academia.

Subscribers are alerted when new material is added to the site twice a month.

More than 400 articles have been published since the site’s launch in June 2020, forming an ever-expanding database that can be searched by deposit type, activity type, location and any combination of these categories.

Precompetitive Review is produced by geology graduate, resources journalist and author David Upton, who has written and commented on precompetitive geoscience and its critical contribution to mineral discovery for 15 years. He is also the author of The Olympic Dam Story.

Access to Precompetitive Review is by subscription at an annual cost of $2,400 for junior explorers and $3,600 for corporates.

Subscribe via the subscribe page at Precompetitive-review.com. For any questions, please contact David Upton via the contact page or LinkedIn.