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New UQ-GSQ research on the Mt Garnet skarn deposit (where Kagara Zinc delineated 4 Mt @ 6% Zn and 0.34% Cu) has tied Zn mineralisation to the youngest member of the Kennedy Igneous Association (KIA) – the Claret Creek Supersuite at 300 – 272 Ma. Previously, the oldest KIA supersuite (O’Briens Creek at 335 to 317 Ma) was thought to the magmatic driver of most of the complex mineralisation in the region. The new findings could open up a new search space for zinc skarns along the Chillagoe Formation. The study combined garnet geochemistry with the first direct geochronology on hydrothermal minerals in the region. The study suggested no change in the view that Sn-W mineralisation is associated with the O’Briens Creek Supersuite.