A first look at results from WA Array shows sharper Moho and crustal structure


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Zn, Cu skarn mineralisation in NE QLD tied to younger magmas

New UQ-GSQ research on the Mt Garnet skarn deposit (where Kagara Zinc delineated 4 Mt @ 6% Zn and 0.34% Cu) has tied Zn mineralisation to the youngest member of the Kennedy Igneous Association (KIA) – the Claret Creek Supersuite at 300 – 272 Ma. Previously, the oldest KIA supersuite

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New indicators for sanukitoid gold followers in the Yilgarn

Researchers at the Centre for Exploration Targeting have a new paper with ideas for discovery of multi-million-ounce sanukitoid gold deposits in the Yilgarn, based on a detailed study of the 2 Moz Karari-Whirling Dervish deposit. The unusual deposit is related to an intrusion of syenite — an extremely alkalic magma

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